About Elite International Services & Contracting (EISC)

EISC, a prominent part of Elite Group of Companies began operations in 1999 with a vision to set a new benchmark in the industry. As part of Elite Group, EISC’s broad mission to provide quality services in a cost-effective manner, EISC specializes in consulting & managing, handling, storing, transporting, and disposing various kinds of industrial wastes.

Prioritizing health and safety as one of its key drivers to achieve success while simultaneously proving to be an environment-conscious corporate entity, EISC strictly adheres to the HSE norms laid by OPAL (Oman Society for Petroleum Services), the Public Authority for Civil Defense and Ambulance (PACDA), and the Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs (MECA).

Elite International associate partners

A company that not only understands the nitty-gritty of the logistics business but also has the expert personnel to handle its different functions, Elite prides itself in providing an array of solutions under one roof along with its various associate partners:

  • Elite Enterprises Worldwide LLC
  • Elite Enterprises
  • Arabian Oasis Adventure
  • Saidhii Global Private Ltd.
  • Elite Airborne LLC
  • Saoud Al Majeed Business Projects

Elite Solutions

Elite manages an extensive fleet of owned and leased equipment and facilities and has established itself as a one-stop-services provider for its customers’ varying demands.

Revered for its commitment to quality, Elite employs qualified, competent and dedicated HSE engineers along the way to implement the various processes, monitor ongoing HSE affairs, and suggest improvements wherever necessary - all in an endeavor to stay up to date in a dynamic market.

The Corporate HSE Plan contains governing principles, thorough guidelines, and a stringent definition of the standard Policies and Procedures that the company abides by. Taking it a notch higher, a distinct contract-specific HSE Plan is also drafted for individual clients that incorporate the clients’ HSE policies and procedures. Care is taken to ensure that these policies and procedures are effectively communicated, implemented, and supervised by delegating it to responsible line supervisors who ensure it reaches the grass-root level. As experts in the industry, Elite also provides other services like makeshift space arrangements for short-term storage, disposal to authorized dump areas and arrangements for export.

Capability Statement

A quality-conscious corporate entity, Elite provides customized hazardous waste management solutions in accordance to those laid out by MECA, BEAH, and other governing bodies.

All transport equipment complies with the SP2000 guidelines to ensure uninterrupted services. Every vehicle unit receives diligent periodic maintenance and is replaced every five years.

In addition, with a focus on HSE and Journey Management, all vehicles:

  • Are comprehensively insured
  • Are fitted with IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System)
  • Have successfully passed RAS (Road Authorization Standards)
  • Have skilled drivers who have further obtained necessary safety awareness certifications such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Awareness, Initial Fire Response (IFR), and Dealing with Hazard & Risk (DHR)


Growth Story

From a very humble beginning in 1999 with competent employees and common belief in "Quality & Value for Money", Elite achieved sustainable growth in business activities with strong financial back ground. Elite established a networking in the Sultanate and further expanded activities across the borders in UAE, CHINA and INDIA.


Elite employs competent professionals to estimate comprehensively and accurately, each job type and offer most suited, value added and cost effective package. Area of Operations is clearly defined and accountability fixed with responsibility, upon award of each job type, so that our customers are assured that their requirement will be addressed by a competent professional. Jobs are taken on annual contract basis as well as on Call Out basis and are monitored professionally through out the period of execution. Elite established a networking in the Sultanate and further expanded activities across the borders in UAE, CHINA and INDIA.

Health, Safety & Environment

Elite provides a significant importance to Quality Service while ensuring "best value for customers" along with environment awareness and safety for all our employees. Elite employs a qualified and competent HSE Engineer to improve, implement and monitor HSE affairs as an ongoing activity. Elite Corporate HSE Plan defines standard Policy and Procedures. Contract Specific HSE Plan is prepared incorporating Client's HSE policy and procedures, implementing them through line supervisors to the grass root levels. HSE management in Elite is a line responsibility. All Elite employees are individually and collectively, responsible for HSE performance.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an integrated system of Elite Management activities that include Planning, implementing, Reporting and Achieving Quality improvement. Equipped with a selective client database, deep knowledge of business intricacies and pursuing a vibrant, relentless marketing, we build a formidable base of client relations and service operations, providing a quick, customer friendly and value added service to our large clientele.

Journey Management

Journey management and follow up system is an integral part of our operations that adds safety measures significantly to the movement of our sizable fleet of vehicles.

In view of HSE and Journey Management we have all our vehicles comprehensively insured, IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System) Fitted, RAS (Road Authorization Standards) passed and drivers having relevant driver skill courses done including other necessary safety awareness courses attended such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Awareness, Initial Fire Response (IFR) ,Dealing with Hazard & Risk (DHR)